Recykal - solving for waste management & recyling?

recykal: Finding riches in rags: A Hyderabad startup is digitising kabadiwallas. Coca-Cola et al. swear by it - The Economic Times.pdf (3.0 MB)

Read this article and was wondering about this:

  • does this imply that putting tech in place gives manufacturers and users somewhat of an incentive to continue adding to waste generation & littering
  • not sure about how this brings ‘formaliasation’ into the waste sector…
  • does this meaningfully address transparency of waste materials put out by brands i.e. by fmcg, cola makers, etc? how would we know if an fmcg brand is putting out more or less plastic packaging out there y-o-y?
  • while it reduces the middleman layer, how does this help the lowest stakeholder i.e. the waste-picker?

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