RCRC - A National Coalition of NGOs, partnership with Rainmatter Foundation to accelerate Integrated Farming Clusters (IFCs) project of NRLM, Ministry of Rural Development

RCRC, initially named as Rapid Community Response to Covid-19, evolved as a coalition of NGOs during March 2020, at the onset of Covid. When the whole was struggling how to respond to covid, a group of seven NGOs joined to form a coalition so that NGOs could collectively navigate responding to covid. It was a good success that by coming together, RCRC could raise funds and other resources for member organisations and pooled collective knowledge and strength. Within six months, the Working Committee of RCRC decided to build RCRC as a sector association for strengthening the non-profit sector in India. At present it has a membership of 96 NGOs, most of which are livelihoods and rural development NGOs, but not limited to these only.
RCRC was well applauded by donors, government and other stakeholders. Amongst various actions and programmes, RCRC has forged a partnership with National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) of MoRD to facilitate implementation of Integrated Farming Clusters (IFCs), a project of NRLM. 30 RCRC partners are working in 10 States with 215 IFCs reaching to about 72000 farmers. The major focus is strengthening and diversifying livelihoods of rural women farmers through regenerative agriculture practises, livestock,