Providing data to Restor Platform

Dear friends
I volunteer for an not-for-profit called Heartfulness Institute and we are collaborating with platform to share tree data. Do checkout their website ( to see their efforts that can help afforestation activities.

The whole platform is yet to be launched, mostly will be in April 2021.
Currently they are building an AI/ML based app that provides tonnes of data about trees you’re interested it, just by taking a picture of it. However, like any other ML app itself needs data to learn and be useful.

In case you wish to provide tree data from your own project, do write to [email protected] Am sure there would be many opportunities to collaborate with Restor for many of us.


Thank you Sangeeth for posting this. :slight_smile:

This is great, just as Heartfulness is collaborating with Restor on tree data, I think Rainmatter with partner NGOs can help onboard village level restoration projects onto the platform, since being part of such a global platform with measured/monitored impact would help generate income/livelihoods for the concerned rural communities.