Protecting India's Natural Heritage

Combating Environmental Crimes and Ecological Disasters in Protected Areas

India’s protected areas, including national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and biosphere reserves, are home to some of the world’s most diverse and valuable ecosystems. However, these areas are facing an increasing threat/illegal activities like poaching, logging, mining, and wildlife trafficking are rampant in many protected areas, leading to a decline in species populations and habitats. Moreover, invasive species and natural disasters like forest fires, floods, and landslides further exacerbate the damage to these fragile ecosystems. To combat these threats, it is essential to implement effective measures to protect India’s natural heritage.

Let’s discuss on current problems and explore possible solutions and strategies to combat environmental crimes and ecological disasters in India’s protected areas.

Some sources for reading:

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Join the conversation and share your ideas on how we can protect India’s natural heritage and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come…

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What are your thoughts on this? @ATREE @cwsindia @SayTrees @CSTEP

Proposed change in legislation likely to threaten reserve forests in favour of clearances: Thread by @debadityo on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App via @debadityo

Agree @Mari

People who are supposed to protect, are actually destroying it while ignoring the core problems faced by these forests. The conservation of reserve forests must be given top priority in the proposed modifications, and their sustainable usage for the benefit of nearby communities and the environment must be ensured.