PRISM (Kerala) school project

19th Dec 2022

Last week in Calicut, I spoke to the folks at the Nadakkavu girls school (PRISM) project again on the climate curriculum program. The goal is to create a holistic climate program (for students from 5th to 10th standard) that integrates climate/environment centric thinking into students lives and actions. Could be learning, could be civic actions in the school, in their homes, could be homework etc. etc. A holistic program.

The hope is that a significant number of students who come out of the school, are climate/environment “champions”. It’s a govt. girls school with 3000 students. The program that is introduced here has a high probability of being adopted state wide by the state government, and other states too as they look up to PRISM schools.

They requested a small presentation of what we do/who we are (Rainmatter Foundation) and a meeting presenting/introducing. I can find people on ground with local context who can project manage this once it gets going. Need to find expertise who can help design this program.

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2nd Jan 2023

The PRISM school program is organising a 200 student volunteer program for waste management + event-footprint awareness for the Calicut Literature Festival (which is a large event) happening in the second week of Jan. Roshni’s been speaking to PRISM and Hume and Hume has agreed to come train the students and create the program and help run it at the event. Hume has already suggested some very interesting ideas, including running a public counter of the type and quantity of waste generated by the event, student panels etc.

This hands-on program of Hume and PRISM working together and executing an actual project is much better than starting the conversation with a powerpoint presentation for the climate program. Since the LitFest is a corporation+govt+public event.