Policy Evaluation Workshop at Mount Carmel College

Hello everyone! We’re excited to share our first project update on this platform. Today, we’re taking you through the ‘Policy Evaluation Workshop’ project conducted by Fields of View at Mount Carmel Campus:

1. Executive Summary
Fields of View successfully conducted the ‘Policy Evaluation Workshop’ project at Mount Carmel Campus (MCC) from 20th March to 27th April 2023. This unique 30-hour experiential learning platform targeted students pursuing the last semester of MA (Public Policy) at MCC. The workshop aimed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of policy evaluation and the tools used in the process. By aligning with the MA in Public Policy curriculum of semester IV, the project offered students a valuable opportunity to delve into current policy implementation and evaluation issues.

2. Introduction
The ‘Policy Evaluation Workshop’ project was designed and executed by Fields of View at Mount Carmel Campus. This section provides an overview of the project’s purpose, objectives, and the context in which it was conducted. The project aimed to enhance students’ knowledge and skills in policy evaluation and broaden their understanding of the field of public policy.

3. Project Objectives
The project objectives included:

  • Introduce students to the concepts and methodologies of policy evaluation.
  • Familiarize students with the tools and techniques used for policy evaluation.
  • Enhance students’ critical thinking and analytical skills in assessing policy effectiveness through games and simulations.
  • Bridge the gap between theory and practice by providing hands-on practicals in policy evaluation.

4. Project Activities
Describe the activities conducted during the project, including:

  • Classroom sessions: Delivering lectures, presentations, and interactive discussions on policy evaluation concepts and methodologies.
  • Case studies: Analyzing real-world policy scenarios to understand the practical application of evaluation techniques.
  • Group exercises: Engaging students in collaborative activities to develop their evaluation skills.
  • Practical assignments: Assigning projects or tasks that require students to apply their learning to evaluate specific policies.
  • Game Play: Through the gameplay, students were able to experience the struggle one is going through and critical and analytical thinking during the participation

Below are the details of the session plan and timeline that we followed throughout the project duration:

5. Annexe

Image 1: Students are engaging in the Solemnly Resolve game with utmost seriousness and determination.

Image 2: showcases students actively collaborating on a given framework for their chosen policy topic, demonstrating their dedication and involvement in the process.