Playbooks for a BioRegional Economy (and more)

For a while now we’ve talked about the need for accelerating and making more effective changemaking through shared, actionable knowledge, especially of ideas and methods that have already worked elsewhere. We will share a note about the motivations, the idea of the Bioregional Economy and more soon.

We’re kicking off an effort as a collaborative towards creating playbooks, starting with the structure and examples for the same. CSEI is anchoring this along with a small team at Rainmatter to ensure the knowledge backend and structures for this are robust, actionable and make sense to contributors and end users.

The first workshop will include sample playbooks on:

  • Bio resource centres
  • Kitchen Gardens
  • Bamboo propagation/ cultivation
  • Crop water budgeting

Will share more updates as this develops. This finally has to be a large collaborative/consortium creating, driving and using this - if you want to help with this effort, or have playbooks that should be shared with the world, do get in touch ([email protected])