Pihu's Empowering Odyssey in Menstrual Hygiene and Sustainable Choices

“Safe and Sustainable Menstruation with Pihu” is more than a mere compilation of information; it is a celebration of Pihu’s journey, her self-discovery, and the choices she makes for a harmonious period cycle. As we flip through its pages adorned with hand-drawn illustrations, we embark on an inspiring journey. Pihu unfolds the significant impact of non-recyclable period products on our bodies and the environment, revealing a tapestry of alternatives that resonate with both heart and nature. This is a tale of empowerment and conscious choices that will strike a chord with every woman, girl, and soul present in our shared workshop space.

Our workshops, infused with warmth and sisterhood, serve as a nurturing ground for the exchange of knowledge. The booklet, a companion to these enlightening sessions, gracefully finds its way into the hands of each participant, becoming a beacon of guidance beyond the workshop’s conclusion. Pihu’s image, suspended gracefully from a banyan tree’s branch on the cover page, echoes the essence of life and fertility. The banyan tree, often known as the “tree of life,” becomes a symbol of resilience, strength, and the unending cycle of nature. In the same way, Pihu’s journey reminds us that to bleed is not just a biological phenomenon but an extension of life itself.

Delving deeper into the pages, our focus gently lands on cloth pads, a choice we advocate with passion. Yet, our ultimate desire is not to impose but to empower. We encourage everyone to make a choice that resonates with their bodies, connects with their village, and nurtures our shared environment. Let “Safe and Sustainable Menstruation with Pihu” transcend its status as a mere booklet; let it be a catalyst for change, a source of empowerment, and a reminder that our choices, akin to the ebb and flow of nature, shape the world around us.

The booklet was designed by Waste Warriors in collaboration with the illustrator Tejaswini. Here’s the link to the illustrations.