People's Archive of Rural India | Introduction and Updates

The People’s Archive of Rural India (or PARI for short), is a unique digital platform that aims to document, archive, and showcase the diversity of rural India and the everyday lives of everyday people. The platform was founded in 2014 by journalist and writer P. Sainath, who has spent over three decades reporting on rural India. PARI has since become a one-of-a-kind repository of stories, reports, photographs, videos, and audio recordings that capture the rich and complex realities of the Indian countryside.

Through our work, PARI aims to challenge prevailing stereotypes about rural India and highlight the diverse and nuanced ways in which people in these areas live, work, and engage with the world. PARI’s archive is extensive and covers a wide range of themes, including agriculture, environment, education, health, and social justice. PARI’s reportage on climate change is an important aspect of the platform’s work. The effects of climate change are being felt acutely in rural India, where millions of people rely on agriculture and natural resources for their livelihoods. PARI’s team of journalists and researchers travel to different parts of the country to document how climate change is affecting rural communities, and to report on how people are adapting to these challenges. PARI’s climate change coverage includes stories on issues such as water scarcity, drought, floods, and the impact of changing weather patterns on crop yields. Through its reportage on climate change, PARI aims to raise awareness about the urgent need for action to mitigate the effects of global warming and to highlight the ways in which rural communities are at the forefront of these efforts.

In a country where the majority of the population lives in rural areas, PARI’s work is more relevant than ever. PARI’s impact has been significant, both in terms of the content it has generated and the conversations it has sparked. The platform provides a much-needed space for rural voices to be heard and for rural issues to be discussed in a nuanced and informed manner. PARI’s content has been used by academics, journalists, policymakers, and activists, and has been widely shared on social media. The platform has also created opportunities for rural communities to engage with urban audiences, and has facilitated important conversations about rural development, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

At PARI, we are excited to be working with Rainmatter to further our cause. We believe that partnerships like these are crucial in enabling us to reach wider audiences, and to continue our efforts to create a more inclusive and diverse media landscape. Through this collaboration, we hope to engage with new audiences and to showcase the complexity of rural life and culture in India. We are confident that our work with Rainmatter will help us to build a more informed, empathetic, and connected society, and we look forward to this exciting new chapter in our journey.