Participatory Guarantee System(PGS) - A Quality Assurance System in Organic Farming

Greetings from PGSOC!

We are PGSOC(PGS Organic Council), a cause driven social organization dedicated to bring about an inclusive platform for small and marginal organic producers to collaborate and flourish in local markets through a guarantee process based on verifiable trust.

We are a pan India, membership-based organization of civil society organizations, individuals & consumer communities subscribing to the values of the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) and local markets as against the dominant Third party Guarantee systems designed for large businesses. Our coalition was formalized in the year 2011 with an intent to establish a system of guarantee owned and operated by farmers coming together as local communities of practice. In the years, we have grown as an inclusive platform to develop, promote, and advocate holistic ecosystem-based participatory systems suitable for small and marginal farmers and local businesses.

Organic Guarantee processes in PGS are designed for farmer groups, rather than individual farmers, with an emphasis on shared vision, trust, transparency, and learning as the foundation of community building. The intention of PGS is to ensure complete autonomy and ownership of the system by the farmers and Enterprises supporting them.

As part of our efforts to enhance traceability, scalability, and governance of PGS, we are in the process of developing an open-source technology tool that can be utilized by farmers,FPOs, Local Businesses, government, and customers for data management and traceability compliance.

We are currently supported by FOSS United and Janastu.

As part of the process we are now documenting the various ways in which Farmers, NGOs, FPOs and Social Businesses engaged in local market of Organic produce are ensuring compliance of Organic Guarantee, integrity and traceability

We are happy to connect, collaborate and learn from this forum.

Executive Director, PGSOC


If we are looking for rural/ local economies to prosper, PGS is perhaps the best way. PGS promotes organic production through knowledge, local inputs, and local markets.

PGSOC has pioneered PGS in the country and is committed to make the systems as inclusive as possible.