Panval Rocket Stove - A unique smokeless chullah

Hello All,
I live in puNe and wish to bring to your notice a highly efficient chullah that is available for deployment. We have currently run one batch of 100 chullahs. They have been accepted well. Ofcourse it took long for us to exhaust the stock as it was introduced in the market around 2018 the same time when Ujwala scheme had hit the market. In the last six months efforts of marketing has increased and luckily we have good response.
We have now have new manufacturer for us.

Ideally the progression of reaching the chullah concept is website>videos on the site>seeing a demo>asking for a trial piece> if convinced buy one> think and see around where it be used and hence spread the word about it. Our hope is that we find atleast 2 to 5 clusters of communities in next 6 months who till date rely on wood as primary source of cooking. At the centre we envision an anchor person/team who understands the value of the chullah and are willing to help and monitor its proper use.

Panval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5). uses only 25% wood ( small dry twigs ) no tree hacking required! The unique design to use only fallen dry twigs is a boon (come true) for the chullah users and the trees around such them.

An ancient appliance in a modern Avataar

*Introducing PRS-v5 :- A unique new wood-Stove for domestic cooking

  • Super efficient, smoke-free operation.
  • Unique one-of-its-kind design based on Rocket-Stove principles.
  • Cooks full family meals on just a few fallen twigs! No need for chopping large firewood.
  • Saves the village trees and provides cost-free cooking to the villager forever.
    ** See it in action here : Pānval Rocket Stove - Demonstration Videos - YouTube

** Visit its website here : Pānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5) ~ cookstove for clean cooking on twigsPānval Rocket Stove (PRS-v5)

Contact no / WA no 9423572545
Nilesh Hiremath
([email protected])

PS: There is a spectrum of possible users like

  1. Those who are live in villages/vicinity of forest land and forced to use chullah even today for their daily cooking. They should find this a boon
  2. City dwellers who are environment enthusiast and are willing to invest in understanding the chullah should find it useful in their balcony/terrace.
  3. Campers who like to go in the wild can carry this chullah wt 5.5Kg size 17"x6"x6". It can sit in a corner in the car. Fuel is just handful twigs around the place of camping.
  4. People who own farm houses/second homes can which usually are in remote area can find this chullah boon for the care taker family!
  5. Labour force in cities return to their homes once in 6 months/1 year. They can carry one to their home for their mother/sister/wife who mostly would be using chullahs only
  6. Every forrest reserve has anti poaching camps. This is typically a 2 BHK home on a plot of 1K around the periphery of the reserve. 4 forest dept folks stay there 24x7. They mostly use a 3 stone chullah. Convincing the main forrest officer about the efficacy of this chullah should help the environment for sure.

Is this available to buy? Or still in an experimental/early production stage?

Dear Mr. Shisodia,

This product is fully production version for real world use. We have almost exhausted over stock ( two pieces available for sale)

Currently we are in the final stage of a new production cycle. A few things require ironing out. Once that is done we will be able to deliver any reasonable number. We expect to start delivery in about 3 weeks from now.

Would be happy to address any other query.

With regards
Nilesh Hiremath.

P.S. we did an early release for a sponsored project of Rotary club of Panvel last Sunday.


Following are links to two points.

  1. Video showing Real world comparison of PRS-v5 with one of the most popular/well sold biomass stove ( several lakh pieces in india, " Envirofit" )
  1. A research/academic paper comparing three different biomass stoves ( a. A three stone chullah b. Panval Rocket Stove c. Berkley-Durfur Stove ( Award winning product soonsored by world bank i think ).

PRS-v5 average thermal efficiency as per the research paper is reported as 34% as compared to 10% of three stone and 29% for Berkley-Darfur stove

One marked difference is PRS-v5 uses only small dry twigs only while others use hacked wood after hacking trees! ( A lot of drudgery for users and a lot of harsh behaviour to trees and hence the environment )

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Nsmaste all.

Happy to announce that our stock of Panval Rocket Stove os replinshed now. We can ship to any place in India.

We can deliver 500 chullahs in.a month… are actively working to scale further should a demand arrise.

With Regards
Nilesh Hiremath

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@Krutika @Uthara - if relevant

@Mari - we’ve been in touch with Nilesh ji. He was kind enough to come over to our office in Pune one day and give us demo, he also played the flute beautifully!

We’re collaborating for him to visit some of our program participants in Gadchiroli to give a demo on the cookstoves and see if they would be willing to use it.

Phoonkni or a blowpipe is a standard accessory with every chullah. I for one remember being hit with one several times during my childhood pranks crossed a limit …

With Panval Rocket Stove ( PRS ) a Phoonkni is redundant! I use it to play “chingaari koi BhaDake” as a ritual after every public firing of the PRS…