Organisation survey for zero-waste pledge

Hi all,

As a part of Rainmatter Foundation, Zerodha’s climate and sustainability initiative, we have been working on developing the Zero-Waste Pledge to help corporates and organisations lower their waste footprint. We’ve been getting valuable insights from a bunch of our partners working in the waste segregation and management space for this. However, we now want to hear from the other side.

Here is a short form we have drafted to get responses from corporates and organisations in our networks to understand what their experience has been of organising a low-waste/ zero-waste event, what kind of challenges they may have faced, what would help them make the transition to lower waste events easier, etc. to help us built a more comprehensive, useful guideline.

If you could fill out this form and share it with a few people in your network, that would be great. We’re also happy to hear from you in case you have any specific questions or insights.

Thank you