Online platform for climate action media

Hi, my name is Sohini Mitra. I have transitioned from close to 30 years in commerical market research to Social sector research and more recently into the space of Sustainabiity. I have a keen interest in addressing the climate crisis and believe that communication, relevant to people’s lives, is an important aspect of encouraging sustainable living and addressing the climate crisis at an everyday level. I have an idea for an online platform for individuals and communities, that carries stories about issues that lend to the climate crisis along with workable sustainable measures as a call to action. There are 2 key challenges I am trying to solve:

a) From the impact point of view - is there a definable impact and is it measurable? To my mind, it is akin to communications for brands where the impact is in terms of message and brand recall. Brands measure their space in consumers minds, and while it is possible to do the same, the costs would be huge.

b) Would an initiative as described above be funded externally unless there is a clear definition of impact? Rainmatter Foundation’s funding of Wild Shaale sparked a glimmer of hope in me.

I would be happy to chat to share more about the idea and receive ideas and sound input.

Any thoughts on the role of climate communication, in a space which is strongly action oriented, too would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Thanks for sharing the thought here. There are few very interesting offshoots to what you have described here.
Would like to know more. Let’s connect.