Observation of new farmer (Ex NRI)

Dear sir,

I came to know about your efforts and contribution in rural life and ecology including rural economy. I was touched and I am a firm believer that this will make a difference in time to come.being a person living in village and a from a farming background I am thankful from core of my heart.

My area is gripped in wheat , rice cycle since my childhood, which is killing soil, environment, depleting water table and killing people with cancer
I was NRI for 20 years , returned last year year. I observed there is no serious effort in my area from any organisation to preserve biodiversity ,rural economy or help in change of agriculture model. I dont see result of visible change on ground, if someone is doing anything.

Every farmer in my village understand this. They want to come out of this . Some of them are trying at their own.But decreasing land holding makes them risk averse.

small agriculture successful model with a change are required so that my village farmer can follow example and come out of this trap.

It will be imense service if this area gets hand holding angles. So that farmer can come out of this old agriculture model trap. This model is not adding value in village life.

I am foreseeing a desert with cancerous people in times to come without any serious effort in my District

I once again thankful for your holy work to improve rural life.

With Regards,
Harjit ,
District -Barnala ,


Thanks, and more power to your efforts. The Roundglass Foundation is doing some very good work across Punjab. Perhaps you could connect with them and help spread the efforts in these directions.