Nurturing Well-Being: Rooftop's Journey Promoting the SDG Well-Being Goal Through Indian Art

A recent trusted news article stated that India falls on 126th rank out of 146 countries on the World Happiness Index. This clearly paints a picture of the deteriorating mental state of an average person in India, owing it to the hustle of everyday life and a significant cause - The pandemic. Post-pandemic mental health has become a global concern, and India is no exception. The UN identifies mental well-being as one of the crucial goals amongst the 17 of them. Moreover, as a result of the interdisciplinary nature of sustainable goals, it becomes even more imperative to keep mental well-being at the center. In the wake of the situation, the question arises of ways to sustain the state of mind without hampering the day-to-day life schedule.

How Does Rooftop Help

Rooftop has used art as the medium to connect with people and provide them with an immersive experience while being within the comfort of their homes. As scientifically proven, art is used as a therapy that promotes mental well-being. It can be a valuable tool in helping individuals explore and understand their thoughts, emotions, and experiences, as well as in addressing a wide range of mental health issues.

Not only as a means of relieving stress and anxiety, Rooftop brings art as a versatile tool that connects like-minded people and also gives art enthusiasts a chance to turn their passions into careers. This practice in turn facilitates the mental well-being of the artists as they get their due recognition and the freedom to showcase their skills.

A Way to Promote the Artist Community

Rooftop has always been one of the ardent advocates of promoting Indian traditional art and artisans. Bringing the artists to the forefront and connecting them with the modern world is the ethos of Rooftop. In turn, this helps in prospering and propagating a sense of recognition amongst the artisan’s community. A feeling of being relevant in changing times and valued is something every artist yearns and Rooftop helps bridge the gap by providing Maestro courses, online workshops, In-person workshops, and exhibitions. These steps taken towards Indian art and artisans help in promoting mental well-being at large.

A Step Towards Representing Female Artists

Taking into consideration the infrequent and under-presented graph of female artists in Indian art, Rooftop makes conscious efforts to highlight the skill bearers of the Indian traditional art form. Earlier, several art skills were passed down to other generations by the women in the house but were often sidelined due to the prevalent patriarchal society. But now the tables have turned; female artists are given due recognition and Rooftop does so in its own ways through workshops, maestro courses, and connecting them with today’s digital world. Catch a glimpse here!
This paves the way to better well-being and empowerment of the community.

Art has the potential to support emotional healing, personal growth, and improved mental health. Rooftop consistently aims to make Indian traditional art accessible and an immersive experience.