Neglected Crops Calendar 2024

Neglected and Underutilized Crop Species offer immense opportunities to fight poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

Throughout history, more than 6000 crop species have been used as food for human beings, whereas only 12 crop species share the major percentage of food security globally. The deterioration of local food systems, changing food habits, lack of knowledge about the cultivation are the key reasons for abandoning these wonderful crops. There is an urgent need to mainstream these crops into local
food systems. This will not only improve the nutrition security, but also biodiversity and local economies.

Neglected Crops Calendar 2024 is a unique effort by Sahaja Samrudha in collaboration with NABARD and GIZ to popularize the neglected and underutilized crops cultivation and food system in Karnataka.

Calendar Link to download :

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Access is given, you can download the pdf .

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