Nature Education: Handbook for Bird Educators

Dear all,

We are very happy to announce the launch of the digital version of the Handbook for Bird Educators, brought out by Early Bird.

Although the focus is on birds, much of what is written applies more generally, and we hope it will be useful to anyone involved in nature education.

The content of the Handbook draws from the ideas and experience of many educators, and includes a compilation of tips, tricks, activities, games, projects and more.

A print version will be released soon. Until then, you can browse through in a flipbook format, or download a pdf for offline viewing.

Artwork by: Saumitra Deshmukh
Design & Layout by: Aditi Elassery
Featuring Illustrations by: Deborshee Gogoi and Rohan Chakravarty
Authors: Garima Bhatia, Abhisheka Krishnagopal, and Suhel Quader

PS. Maybe we can have a category for nature education on Grove?


This is really amazing. Thanks!