Mittihub : A social venture to foster livelihoods and promote sustainability

Mittihub, a social venture working on ground with rural artisans on handmade terracotta pottery was started in 2020 when the founders were asked to build an ecommerce platform for a college project. After starting the research on pottery art ,the founders found out that the artisans of rural India carry the dual weight of hand-crafted art as custodians of heritage and pallbearers of economic livelihood. With the advent of industrialization, consumerism has shifted to machine-made mass produced goods, leaving behind the delicacy of uniquely crafted products.

Artisan family from a village in Rajasthan

Founder,Abhinav Agarwal

Mittihub is on a mission to promote the revival of traditional handmade terracotta pottery as a sustainable solution for urban customers made by rural artisans. Our focus is on providing authentic terracotta products, enhanced with modern designs crafted by our team of designers, that are rich in the goodness of clay and made by hand.

Our handcrafted terracotta products are a superior alternative to manufactured products that often contain harmful substances and contribute to environmental degradation. To reduce our impact on the environment, we incorporate energy-efficient technologies and adopt smarter production strategies that minimize wastage of resources.

Mittihub representing terracotta art at the World Economic Forum 2023,Davos

Why Terracotta for the environment?

Terracotta is biodegradable and does not release harmful chemicals, while plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade, pollutes the environment, and harms wildlife.

Pottery made using traditional methods and fired with cow dung is likely to have lower carbon emissions compared to plastic production. This is because pottery is made from natural materials such as clay, which are readily available and do not require extensive processing or refining. Additionally, firing pottery with cow dung is a traditional method that relies on biomass, a renewable source of energy, instead of non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels.

Why Terracotta?


Being a social enterprise Mittihub lays emphasis on contributing to rural development. We’ve connected with 200+ potters and have trained 50+ potters with contemporary designs. While working with Mittihub , artisans income increased their income by approximately 3x

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Commendable work! Empowering artisans while providing customers with affordable products is need of the hour. Way to go…

Hi Abhinav, thanks for sharing! Looks really nice! I have only one question, at what scale the cost of these products with similar utilities would be at the same price as available plastic and non-plastic-based products?

Because at this price point, we won’t be able to create much impact (I may be wrong). :frowning: Or this might be a wrong question since these are handcrafted - the price would never come down to the level of the conventional products?

Also, just curious are these products available on the ONDC or do customers have to visit your website to purchase these products? If not, this is a good time to list on ONDC through any seller application. You might get free promotions! :slight_smile: