Looking to hire a passionate and kickass public health team

Hello folks,

I’m looking to build a super passionate and audacious team to public-problem-solve at the intersection of climate and health in India that will work across multiple districts @ www.blockchainforimpact.in .

We are looking for folks who are in it to go after the wicked and complex problems. This will be a founding team so that means starting up, setting processes and needs that kind of attitude, thriving in ambiguity.

To apply click: https://forms.gle/tGDT1rY4EPTnjHTS7

Please take time out to fill out the form including why you’d want to be a part of this. Please do share it in your network for reach!



Hey Karthik! I would love to volunteer and be part of this. I cannot commit full-time but I do want to work in this. I made multiple case analyses in college regarding the health disparity in rural and urban communities, a lot of knowledge questions regarding the lack of expert medical access in rural India, along with creating an intelligent diagnosis assistant tool for rural Indian providers. I looked at it from the lens of what if “The next pandemic was to originate from small-town India, are we equipped to handle it”?

I doubt we even have systems in place at a governmental level for doctors to flag cases that need some further looking into, or any data collection for that matter. Obviously, the best-case scenario is if the doc diligently connects the dots, but after covid, we need some better looking into the healthcare system and structure serving the lowest strata of our society.

I read through your job roles, and I would love to be part of the “MEL” team. I understand I lack with the fact I dont have a grad degree or 7+ years in the industry. But I promise to bring in a lot of creativity, ideas, and energy and do justice to every goal we have. I hope my passion and attitude count for something.

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Hi @Karthik_BFI ,
Sounds interesting to me. I am currently doing Masters in Public Health and have 6+ yrs of experience working with healthtech startups. Looking forward to connect with you.

Dr.Sazia Queyam,PT,HWC