Looking for affordable ways to automate workflows

Hello All,

At SMF, we are looking at ways to automate and digitize some of our processes using some free/affordable tools. Some of the processes we are looking to automate are field attendance with GPS, raising and managing tickets for issues, automating data collection flows like mapping entrepreneurs, and also storytelling from the field.

We are currently exploring - Kaizala for workflows but Microsoft shuts it in August; Ooloi for field-level insight generation and Kobo/ODK for data collection.

Would like to know if there are other productivity tools that the others have found useful for some of these use cases.


ccing @tech4goodgeek for help

I remember building this tool for our internal utility. But here are some of the tools that might be suitable for you. Also, what is SMF? :slight_smile:

  1. https://www.locale.ai/
  2. https://www.getknowapp.com/
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Hi , sorry Sauramandala Foundation:)

Will go through the links, thank you

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