Looking for a Marine Plastics Consultant

Hi all! Dakshin Foundation is looking for a Marine Plastics Consultant, for the duration of six months starting March 2023. The consultant will undertake a thorough study to understand the issue of marine plastics in coastal Palk Bay and explore the feasibility of generating local livelihoods through recycling of marine plastics.

The minimum qualifications for this position are a Masters degree and demonstrable experience in the field of SWM, particularly plastics. Good working knowledge and ability to conduct interviews in Tamil would be essential.

Kindly send a letter of interest and your CV to [email protected]. You can write to the same email address for more information about the position.


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@Pai, we should ask Anshuman to get someone from https://terra.do/ to be active on Grove for all the Green job opportunities.

Hi Nithin, we had asked Terra team earlier also about this, just spoke to him again and he said they will track this - will get someone from the Terra team to create a login and track this category.

Sharing with Jabir/GreenWorms; they do have presence in the Andamans. Will loop you, Dinesh.