Learning from over 5 decades of work in climate change

Rajesh Shah, an architect by training, and founder of VIKAS (a nonprofit) and SAVE, a social enterprise that focuses on climate change solutions, writes brilliantly about how the current climate narrative is locking out common people.

“We are complicating the crisis by using so much jargon. The people who need to act on sustainability and adaptation locally should be able to understand it in simple terms”, he says. And lists down a few things we can all do to make this happen.

To read his article, here’s the link


I loved this line from the above article: if the degrading of the ecology is a verb, so is its upgrading


Thanks for sharing. It syncs with everything @sameershisodia and the team at RF keep talking about internally.


Environmental development demands greater attention and investment of effort and resources from business and the state.

Climate positive social platforms can help:

  1. Raise awareness of local climate efforts

  2. With ad network that is optimised for local sustainable businesses can help in producing & consuming resources as locally & sustainably as possible.

  3. When optimised for taking additional climate initiatives than just produce and consume, can further incentivize local businesses to take up local climate initiatives at scale.

  4. When built openly, it can also help local communities to identify sustainable businesses to invest into at scale too.

I hope this helps include common people into the climate solutions @Smarinita :smiley:

TIL: Solar powered pumps used to break the debt cycle is a great way to help salt farmers financially while reducing emissions.