Launching 'The Climate Conversations' - A Rainmatter Foundation Podcast

The Climate Conversations is our attempt at unpacking the big, small and befuddling questions about the foundation of the Rainmatter Foundation! This is a six-part series of one long interview that reflects many of our informal office conversations - around success and income equality, frugality, meaningful work and happiness, entrepreneurship, and of course - what is a stock broking outfit hoping to do in the climate space! So we invited Hansi Mehrotra (@themoneyhans) for a laidback chat with Nithin Kamath (@NithinKamath), Kailash Nadh (@knadh) and Sameer Shisodia (@sameershisodia) to reflect on the Foundation, larger questions about the environment and the climate and the future.

The first episode that uncovers Zerodha’s intention of creating a culture of doing good and giving forward, the deeper question of deriving meaning from work and life, the obligation of wealth and where and how the seeds of the Rainmatter Foundation were sown is out now. Watch on YouTube!


Been really enjoying the podcast, and all the honest answers!

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We think of our success as an obligation to give forward and do our bit for the betterment of society. This philosophy is what keeps me, Nikhil Kamath, Kailash Nadh, & others at Zerodha still excited to do better as a business.

Thanks to the success of Zerodha, we are lucky enough to be in a position to leverage our success to back entrepreneurs in both for-profit & non-profit organizations trying to solve some of the most pressing problems.

In this video series (link in comments), Kailash Nadh, Sameer Shisodia & I talk about the journey of Rainmatter Foundation, on why & how we are trying to support Orgs trying to tackle climate change, stop environmental degradation, & help create livelihoods grounded in sustainable principles.

Using whatever success we’ve had to give forward is not about altruism for us. The way we all Zerodha and Rainmatter Foundation think is what is the point of all the wealth if there is no planet or society as we know it?

Here is the link to the 6 part video series if you haven’t already watched it.