kethi sudhar & NBF

good evening, am sabitha mudigonda from hyderabad. we are working for farmers and creating awareness and guiding the farmers about " Kethi sudhar& Nutritionally balanced Farming". plant can resist on its own if you balance the required 16 nutrients at required stages of plant life line . we want to reach more number of farmers. we would like to create a digital platform for the farmers so that they can take a pic of the field and upload it and seek for guidance about disease management, farming techniques like right quantity of fertilisers, micro nutrients can reduce the farming cost and excess usage of chemicals on plants. am looking for some help in building this digital platform …can anyone help us… regards, sabitha mudigonda

Hello Sabitha,

I assume that you have a team and wish to provide them with a platform through which they can address the doubts that farmers reach out with.

I believe the most cost-effective and scalable solution would be using WhatsApp Business and the Chatwoot suite.

WhatsApp Business
Since most people are already using WhatsApp, they can easily reach out to your business or team through it. WhatsApp Business supports multimedia messages and offers interfaces facilitating integration with other platforms.

Chatwoot Suite
Chatwoot is an open-source, self-hosted customer engagement suite. You can integrate your WhatsApp Business account with it and add your team members as agents with access to the chat.

I hope this helps!

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