Kelp Farming to save our Mother Earth and Climate change mitigation

We at treeoflife are in the idea stage now. We believe that the only way for survival on Mother Earth is to first do our part in saving first and that we hardly have more than 5 years to achieve so no matter what we are doing it won’t matter. The only thing that would matter is to protect our Earth for our future, the next generations , the generations of the wold animals and the trees that have done nothing but good. We believe that the only way forward is to start living in harmony with nature and to be good to fellow and less fortunate than us human beings as well. Only then we can create a more steady future that will not be too eager to destroy itself.
Given our very limited time span and that we already have a virus outbreak, many ongoing climate disasters round the world and many more in line to come and very soon in the coming years, we belive that kelp farming is one of the most promising solutions that can help us in this race against time to restabilise our planet by producing lots of oxygen to counter and negate our polluting activities of past and as of date staring from places near Pondicherry, Cuddulore and Ramershwarsm in Tamilnadu. Our kelp farming will include planting and dropping kelp to the bottom of the seas where they can grow into hiant kelp forests and we can harvest 10% off the top of them once a while. This kelp can be used as cattle food and dishes for humans as well as reduce methane gas expulsion from cattle, methane being far more bad than co2. Given the human nature and its addiction to pollution this anti pollution oxygenation and balancing technique seems to be the promising thing of the hour and if we are able to convert 10% of our oceans into kelp we can maybe still reverse the progression of global warming. Creating awareness and business opportunities in a time of very less opportunities and a clear future of even more less this seems as a good way to face the upcoming food crisis owing to climate change aswell and to link up farmers and fishermen and aspiring students and form groups to join us achieve this idea in turn helping ourselves aswell as in jobs and livelihoods and countering hunger crisis of the poor in the future. And India has a huge potential as in a very huge coastline and manpower availability and youngsters.

Creating mass awareness among people and especially youngsters especially those who can contribute to revive our planet will be one of our main motives as well as
Climate change mitigation, because as well as we might like to deny it its it’s already reached our coasts in the form of floods draughts landslides hurricanes cyclones forest fires groundwater problems and of course viruses from the melting ice, so tobe prepared is better than facing the disasters head on ill prepared. Our country India is on a verge of alot of climate change disasters one of them being dam disasters owing to very heavy and frequent rainfalls and cyclones, we have not maintained our dams and cant to the current extent of rains today. Certain very old dam disasters are imminent threat and avoiding and counter solution measures are the only fast solutions to minimize fatalities coming up, some places might not even have alternative solutions. Building a flood prediction system as we have on a very small scale and informing people is very important. Certain landslide prone areas can easily be understood and solutions managed in advance. And we have thousands of dams in India directly above very huge cities posing a very real and immediate threat that we have already started facing, some of them more than a hundred years old.
Farmers need an immediate solution to water problems and gradually shifting to kelp and helping them get better income . Food and hunger crisis are a creeping up problems now. We need to mitigate Solutions to adapt to the changes on one hand and try to resolve climate change on the other.
We hope to get the appropriate help to start these very important systems through this good hearted platform. Thanks