Jal Thal Mal - /water/sanitation/waste

Jal Thal Mal could very roughly translate to Water Land Sewage. Because waste is an inevitable by product of most processes our habitations produce waste of many kinds. One of the most interesting ones is human sewage - the aggregate poo and pee of the house, street, school, apartment complex, mall, village.

Interesting because one animal’s poo might not be harmful to another animal but can be dangerous to the same species and cousins.

For example - if a lot of human poo can carry stomach infection bio stuff that can catch other humans but won’t do anything to a lizard or hen.

So too much of lizard poo is bad for lizards, too much chicken shit is bad for chickens and so on. Therefore if human poo is unmanaged it can be dangerous to humans.

If one wants to settle people on Mars, there is a lesson to pick up from the himalayan bioregion on the way. There, the season often allows a short cycle of seasonal crops. Because many parts are a cold desert, there is often very little or no carbon and life stuff. So your small field has an amount of manure that has to be kept like a treasure and becomes the limits of how much one can grow. Because liquid water is as scarce, the native washrooms are dry toilets and pretty cool.

It is a two floor washroom where one goes on top where there is a hole in the ground and hay around. One goes about their business and throws some straw into the hole. At the ground floor of the toilet one collects the periodic compost and perhaps treated before being used as precious manure in fields. Like in international space station and planets in future or the farmer’s fields if soil carbon gets depleted.

Here is a video by the author - Jal, Thal, Mal by Sopan Joshi on THSTI-NIPGR Open Day 2018 - YouTube