Is there scope for urban beekeeping in Indian metros and T1?

The whole idea of using rooftops of building to double up for bee keeping has been something which has been on our minds at Ronin Wines.

The core of the idea is to set up boxes by charging a fixed amount per month during the bee keeping seasons; and in return we look after them, replace the bees incase they swarm away/die and in return we offer the society/building some ‘pin-code honey’ or mead equivalent as a thank you to having supported bee. This idea is not our own - we saw it first in some articles

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A company call Best Bees in US offers similar services in 15 cities in the US (

Any thoughts on this?

But do bees turn up in the middle of all the concrete? Where will they get the honey from? :slight_smile:

Absolutely do. For example, we know of a bee keeper in Pune who, during the season, visits 2-3 societies a day, only to remove unwanted hives. He has a full team and he mentioned he could do more if he had more people.

As for the main topic, the problem we are aware is that people are afraid of the bees. The bees one typically see in societies and offices are Apis Dorsata - these guys are aggressive and sting when provoked. What one could do is deploy Apis Mellifera or Apis Indica variety of bees which are more docile (they still can sting) and ideal for hobby bee keeping also. So this will involve some eduction…

Our vested interest in all this - we get a chance to push the Moonshine brand into societies under the “Moonshine Honey Project” brand.

But are there any ecological benefits of doing this in the cities? Or are you looking at this more as a brand-building exercise?

Bee hive buildups in high rises is a “problem” in Bangalore apartments. The inhuman ways in which they’re “removed” (burnt and killed) is sad.

Yes, brand building is a definite yes. But along with that, it gives us an opportunity to bump up some awareness around honey and the bee. This link has a bunch of other good stuff that comes us urban bee keeping (Urban Beekeeping Problems and Benefits)

But there are risks too. By promoting urban bee keeping with the honey producing bees, you are also hurting the local solitary bee populace (like the bumble bee) which BTW are the lesser known, but the major contributors to cross pollination. One way to solve for this is to provide them homes by hollowing out a bamboo and simply putting it in various places around a set space. Solitary bees unlike the regular bees need spaces to build a hive and with the ever increasing concrete jungle in cities, this is something which is hard to come by (unlike their honey bee cousins). There are some buildings which consciously build a hollowed out brick/brick with holes within a wall to provide refuge to these fellows.

Interesting. I am sure a few of us will volunteer. Let us know whenever you decide to start.

Didn’t know this. I guess another thing to try at home @seema? Hollow out bamboo and put it in various places.