Investing in rural youth is key to cultivating champions for environmental sustainability

Investing in rural youth is critical for several reasons, and it holds the potential to bring about positive social, economic, and environmental impacts. Here are some key reasons why investing in rural youth is important and crucial :

1.Economic Development
Young people, when equipped with skills and opportunities, can contribute to the development of diverse and sustainable rural economies.

2.Agricultural Productivity
Young farmers can bring innovation, efficiency, and sustainability to the agricultural sector

3.Employment Opportunities

  • Investing in the education and skills of rural youth creates a skilled workforce, reducing unemployment and underemployment in rural areas.
  • This, in turn, can stem the tide of migration from rural to urban areas in search of employment opportunities.

4.Community Resilience

  • Empowered and educated rural youth can contribute to building resilient communities that are better equipped to face challenges, adapt to change, and seize opportunities.
  • Youth engagement fosters a sense of community ownership and involvement in local development initiatives.

5.Poverty Alleviation
Increased income and economic opportunities can have a direct impact on poverty reduction in rural areas.

6.Innovation and Technology Adoption
Rural youth, when educated and exposed to modern technologies, can drive innovation and the adoption of new technologies in various sectors, including agriculture, healthcare, and education.

7.Social Development
Educated and engaged youth are more likely to be involved in community development activities, fostering social harmony.

8.Environmental Sustainability

  • Educating rural youth about sustainable practices and environmental conservation can contribute to the development of eco-friendly and sustainable communities.
  • Young people can play a crucial role in promoting environmental awareness and responsible resource management.

9.Demographic Dividend
Many rural areas have a demographic advantage with a large youth population. Leveraging this demographic dividend through education and skill development can lead to long-term economic benefits.

We at Glovill Foundation (Sec 8 Company) have prepared a concept note and Pamphlet (which was distributed across our mandal among Youth ) related to Skilling and Tilling Program to attract Youth towards Agriculture and Village Economics and will be happy to share and exchange ideas for the same (Attached the concept for Reference)


Noothan Venkatesh Varma
Founder -Glovill Foundation (Sec 8 Company)

Skilling & Tilling Program - Glovill Foundation - Concept note for .pdf (123.3 KB)

Pamphlet for Youth Mobilization.pdf (912.9 KB)