Investing in Rural Youth and their Leadership

Investing/mentoring/supporting the Youth Leadership who can take responsibility for the problems of his own community /locality/ Village by being there at ground and who can influence his people through his own actions in bringing a positive change (walk the talk) both at behavioural and real Impact.

How does it help :
1.Stops the migration of the youth to cities
2.Increase in Rural Productivity . (Agriculture, Agri- allied activities)
3.You provide a mindset to identify the opportunities in their village ecosystem. ( To start their own venture related to Agri processing, Services)
4.Making new set of farmers - Future Farmers (by trying new ways of Farming methods) ( As the avg age of Indian Farmer is around 65 years of Age, we need new ones to take charge of Agriculture)
5.They take risk to try out new things especially with Technology in Agriculture - They will be a role model to senior farmers)
6.They take care of their parents (as the old age people are increasing)
7.They own the responsibility of the their problems related to Land, Water and Air of their village.