Introducing the Sustainable Futures Collaborative (SFC): A new India-focused, globally-informed climate, energy, environment think tank

We are very pleased to introduce you to the Sustainable Futures Collaborative (SFC), a New Delhi-based independent research organisation analysing frontier issues in climate change, energy, and the environment. We are a young, vibrant team of scholars who think deeply and creatively about the core climate and environment issues shaping India’s development in the coming decade. Find more about our team here.

SFC, officially launching on March 19 (further details below), was established with the recognition that India’s transition to a sustainable, just and resilient society and economy is going to be messy and complex, requiring supportive institutions at all levels. Our team’s expertise lies in understanding these institutional and governance structures needed for long-term change. Because such transformations can only be achieved through a collaborative approach, we aim to work with governments, business, and civil society to bring these onto the policy agenda at national, state and local levels. Some examples of our ongoing work include:

  • Reimagining our energy system as a driver of productivity for rural economies, particularly those dependent on fossil energy
  • Building a health-focused approach to air pollution policy
  • Reforming the governance architecture to build a climate-ready state

Our inaugural event will take place on March 19, 2024 (Tuesday), from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the Multi-Purpose Hall, India International Centre in New Delhi. During this event, we will unveil our new website and introduce ‘SFC Perspectives,’ which lay out our vision for the thematic areas we work on. The event will feature opening remarks by Mr. NK Singh (Chair, 15th Finance Commission) and a panel discussion on ‘Building the Foundations for a Sustainable Future’ with Mr. Kamal Kishore (Member and Head of Department, National Disaster Management Authority), Prof. Kalpana Balakrishnan (Dean (Research) and Director, WHO-Collaborating Centre, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research), and Ms. Aparna Uppaluri (Chief Operating Officer, Tata Trusts).

We are excited that in Rainmatter we have a partner that also believes in a development future for India that is both inclusive and sustainable. Rainmatter can provide the platform that fosters collaborative and thoughtful work across the plurality of organisations working in this space. Our early conversations with Sameer and others have already opened up exciting possibilities and we can’t wait to engage more as we begin to build out our team and work over the coming months!

We will continue to post updates on our launch and research in the coming weeks!


We are happy to share that we officially launched the Sustainable Futures Collaborative (SFC) on March 19 at the India International Centre in New Delhi. Here is a video recording of the event and below are a few photo highlights.

We also launched our website and perspectives on our four areas of work: Adaptation and Resilience, Climate Policy, Energy Transitions, and Environmental Governance and Policy. The papers are intended to stimulate discussion by providing an overview of key issues and avenues for action to inform India’s sustainable development trajectory. Please read them here. We look forward to receiving your feedback and engaging in discussions on the papers as we continue to develop our work.