Institute of gastroenterology sciences and organ transplant

Message from Dr Nagesh Gowda

We have completed one year of admissions of patients
We had about 53536 patients foot falls in the hospital
About 9000 procedures
New Cath lab added due for inauguration shortly at the CSR donation of 2 crores of rupees
New CSSD added at the CSR donation of 2 crores
Now technologically we are on par with any hospital in the world
Thank you all :pray::pray::pray:

As Rainmatter and Zerodha we are part of this Institute as we got opportunity to set up one IT theatre. This facility reduces cost of liver transplant from around five million to less than couple of lacs and few cases completely free for all section of society whether farmer/ trader / small vendor or any other. This is best case study where government facility is uplifted with corporate and govt help.

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A step started by Dr Nagesh few years ego got big leap in this budget a 10 Acre new campus in Nimhans Bangalore

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