India Climate Collaborative | Introduction and Updates

The India Climate Collaborative (ICC) is a first-of-its kind collaborative with the goal of building India’s climate ecosystem. We harness climate philanthropy’s potential, using a three-pronged approach:

  1. We unlock philanthropic capital flows by advising philanthropists who are new to climate action or want to give differently.
  2. We discover, design, and surface climate priorities that mitigate emissions and build resilience, aligned with India’s development pathways.
  3. We build connective infrastructure to enable impactful funding through platforms or shared resources for the sector.

We achieve this through four clear priority areas:

  1. Building a cohort of visionary climate philanthropists.
  2. Unlocking corporate philanthropy.
  3. Enabling cross-sectoral investments to accelerate climate action.
  4. Pooling grant funding to achieve systemic climate action.

With the overall goal of building a by-India, for-India climate philanthropy ecosystem, the ICC, with the support of Rainmatter Foundation, aims to:

  1. Increase donor knowledge and advise them on strategic climate investments
  2. Build capacity of non-profits
  3. Platform Indian voices and leadership at global forums
  4. Strengthen the climate ecosystem through collaboration

We believe in the power of collective action and through this partnership, we want to collaboratively bolster the Indian climate philanthropy ecosystem to facilitate equitable, impactful, and just climate action in India.