IIT-D CERCA - Air Pollution and Public Health

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Dear Madam/Sir,

We are pleased to invite you for an online expert talk scheduled on
Wednesday, December 6 at 03:00 PM IST

Please find the details of the talk below:

Invited Speaker: Dr. Bhargav Krishna, Fellow, Sustainable Futures

Title: What would it mean to centre health in air pollution policy?

Speaker Bio: Dr Bhargav Krishna is a Fellow and member of the founding
team at the Sustainable Futures Collaborative, an independent research
organization that examines the frontier issues within climate change,
the energy transition, and environmental challenges in India and
globally. Bhargav’s research interests span areas of health policy,
environmental policy, and environmental epidemiology, with a focus on
the impact of air quality and climate change on health. Previously,
Bhargav worked with the Centre for Policy Research and the Public Health
Foundation of India for over a decade. He has served on Union and State
government expert committees on air pollution, sustainable development,
and critically polluted areas, and holds doctoral and graduate degrees
from Harvard University and King’s College London respectively.

Short Abstract: Public health practitioners have been calling for health
to be central to air pollution policymaking but the articulation of what
that means in practice has remained unclear. Facilitating such a shift
will require a fundamental rethinking of the ways in which we develop
and implement air pollution policy. Moreover, it will also require
bolstering of the epidemiological evidence base to support a
health-centred air pollution strategy. In this talk, Bhargav will
outline the governance shifts necessary to facilitate this transition
(using examples from recent work), and outline what it would take to
support a health-centred air pollution strategy in the Indian policy

To attend, register here: https://forms.gle/T9KFK1mP22fiPheb7