I WANT A BETTER CATASTROPHE - A flowchart for navigating our climate predicament

Global warming is projected to rocket past the 1.5°C limit, throwing lifelong activist Andrew Boyd into a crisis of hope, and off on a quest to learn how to live with the “impossible news” of climate breakdown. With gallows humor and a broken heart, Andrew steers us through our climate angst as he walks his own. This flowchart is an invitation to join him on his narrative path and explore our predicament on your own.

I think this is brilliant! Have a look!


@ganeshram too shared this!

This flowchart brilliantly explains many FAQs. Thank you for sharing.

The author highlights at the start ‘What do you mean by ‘we’?’ as “the most important question”.

Adding to it, here’s ‘who am I and who are we?’ a subtle difference that fuels the climate crisis.

Based on it, here’s a smaller flowchart/mental model that also helps answer FAQs for oneself in climate crisis:

I hope this helps. :smiley:

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