How many distinct enough bioregions does India have?

We’re trying to understand ecosystems from a ecology-economy perspective, and wondering what detail/granularity would be useful. We have heard from various sources about the existence of the number of distinct bioregions in India being in the upper tens, and upto the upper hundreds!

Would love to have responses and references for this.

To set the ball rolling, Wikipedia lists these:

@sameershisodia Worldwide, there are some 846 terrestrial ecoregions (within 14 terrestrial biomes defined by RESOLVE). You can explore the ecoregions of the world here ( The map for India is broadly accurate, but within any ecoregion at a smaller scale there will some heterogeneity–such as rocky areas in a wet forest ecoregion etc.

Dinerstein, E., Olson, D., Joshi, A., Vynne, C., Burgess, N.D., Wikramanayake, E., Hahn, N., Palminteri, S., Hedao, P., Noss, R. and Hansen, M., 2017. An ecoregion-based approach to protecting half the terrestrial realm. BioScience, 67(6), pp.534-545


Thanks - thats a great starting point!