How India’s trash mountains are contributing to climate change

The country has over 3,000 waste mountains containing 1.3 billion tonnes of legacy waste, and emits the most methane from landfill sites in the world. @Meera @Archana_Saahas where do we begin?

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Is crowdfunding the world’s largest waste processing facility a possibility? I know Sweden has such an efficient mechanism that they have to import other countries’ waste to process them. We could maybe create one for South Asia? I dont see any incentive otherwise for people to care.

I was recently traveling in a train, and on every train station outskirt across the tracks, you will see such mountains (Not super big, but big nothingness)

I face this problem in the disposal of all textile wastes in Surat City. There are so many brands out there who tried to repurpose some form of ‘chindi’ textile waste into bags, scrunchies, and so on. I saw 3 such brands die down in front of me in the past year. If any of you would want to fund a collective social enterprise where you would want bags made of your brand/startup/company with textile waste and maybe embroidered your logo/name it would mean a lot for such enterprises.

I met a few textile shop owners from Bangalore itself who burn the excess cloth/chindi, as inventory holding costs are greater than repurposing it. It could be something as small as small collective of women in every major city working with textile waste from that vicinity and making products.