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Trying to build a sustainable natural farm/food forest in Sivaganga district in Tamilnadu. Started with barren land five years back… Have planted over 200 timber trees , coconut, mango …guava etc…tried sugarcane and vegetable crops… we have a lot of green cover and come a long way uy still paying out of pocket every month…Need some help to make it break even…Not in a position to invest more

Hi, @sundar_svga2728 - brilliant work! Can you share the following?

  • Images and videos of plantations/farms/forests?
  • The money invested
  • the revenue generated if any?
  • How much money you are paying out of your pocket every month?
  • at what stage, you will achieve break-even?

Most imp: What is your story?

If you answer these questions, I hope someone from the team will get in touch with you.
Again, congrats on taking the initiative and thanks for writing here. :slight_smile:

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A lot of individuals and their farms are in the same situation as you are right now. It’s really a hard nut to crack because every farm and the person behind it are different. What works for one doesn’t for the other.

I have been developing a small farm for 6 years now. For the most time(90+%) it has been pouring money into the farm rather than earing money out of the farm. Some possible ways that can bring the farm to safe spot in my opinion:

  1. Money from food Consumers: If you already have helping hands at the farm, start growing something which can either be sold regularly(vegetables - takes a lot of planning and discipline) or once a year and something that has longer shelf life(spices/anything dry) so that you can market it without the hurry to sell soon after harvest.

  2. Money from within Agriculture/Farmers: a) Build a composting facility, collect as much organic/decomposable waste from around, compost it, use it yourself and sell to the farmers around. There is dearth of organic matter in every farmer’s land and they would buy it. b) sugarcane saplings nursery for neighbouring farmers. c) organic and natural inputs and pest managements for surrounding farmers.

  3. Trainings & Tours : There are a lot more people who want to start on the journey you have been. Conduct trainings/workshops/farm-tours.

  4. Agri-Tourism : If you already have a good place, green cover and helping hands at the farm, you can try hosting people. There are people looking for a retreat every weekend.

Good Luck! Hope your farm survives this valley of death.

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Thanks Tejas for the realistic assessment. Good to know that there is company in the valley of death.

It is my eighth year, though not full time, except during the lockdown and corona years…

Some of the stuff you mentioned like vegetables, I have started in a small way…hope to scale up

others like sugarcane nursery and compost facility seem workable… will give it a shot …Thanks much …