GRL Clinic - Building Expertise, Fostering Collaboration

The Green Rural Livelihoods project is a collaborative effort between WELL Labs and Rainmatter Foundation. Our aim is to enable the discovery, accessibility and scalability of knowledge resources to address challenges related to land, water and livelihoods in rural India.

We are piloting a series of Clinics to connect organizations/individuals facing a specific challenge with experts to facilitate collaborative problem-solving and support. These are small closed group meetings where you can interact with experts in an engaging way. Our aim with these clinics is to facilitate knowledge exchanges and connections within the community.

The intended audience for the Clinics includes Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), passionate community leaders and changemakers and individuals with a keen interest in contributing to positive change.

Do you have a pressing challenge that you’d like some guidance on? If so, please share in the comments below or write to us.

Alternatively, here’s an indicative list of topics to share your requests on
Natural Farming
Poultry Farming
Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) & Self-Help Groups (SHGs)
Watershed Management
Rain-fed Farming
Women’s Livelihoods

Your valuable inputs will help us design this initiative. If you are interested in participating in our upcoming clinics, write to [email protected] and we will keep you informed of the schedule.

We are excited to embark on this journey of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and growth with you. Together, we can pave the way for positive change and sustainable solutions in these vital sectors.

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We are thrilled to announce the upcoming GRL Clinic on November 24th, 2023. The focal point of this session will be the Bio Resource Centre (BRC), promising an enriching and insightful experience for all.

Got any burning questions about BRC? Drop them using the link below or send us an email. We’re all ears.

Stay tuned for forthcoming details on the GRL Clinic dedicated to BRC, including the precise timing and additional information.

For any queries extending beyond the realm of BRC but aligning with the broader scope of Sustainable Livelihoods, we welcome your correspondence at [email protected].