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We would like to introduce ourselves, as M/s Green Solutions India Pvt Ltd. We are an environmental solutions provider, primarily dealing with water and waste-water treatment systems.

Over the years, having completed over 450 projects, we have a better understanding about the various types of systems that are commonly used, in the sphere of water and waste-water treatment and the problems that are generally encountered.Most of these systems currently in use are based on technologies that are a few decades old, due to our markets being highly cost sensitive.

These technologies suit smaller systems, but are not sufficient for larger volume plants or large water bodies.Today with the emphasis being on making every drop count and rejuvenation of our water bodies to conserve the environment, we wish to introduce the concept of Nano-bubble aeration systems, which, greatly improves the oxygenation process - critical for a radical paradigm shift in the quality of water and waste water.

Nano bubbles are nano sized oxygen molecules (10^-9 ), which has many benefits like longer retention time in water, cleansing properties, benefits to aquatic life and more. Our oxygenated nano bubble generators have a wide range of applications, where the need for superior quality treated water is paramount as well as other industries such as pharmaceuticals, hospitals and others.

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Sanjay Santosh
Director - Green Solutions India Pvt.Ltd.
Email: [email protected]


Hey Sanjay, thank you for reaching out. Will get back to you over email in a few days time once we review your email and the website. :slight_smile:

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