Green India Mission meets just 2.8% of the target

When climate change is destroying the Earth’s valuable systems, the central government’s afforestation scheme, Green India Mission (GIM), was able to achieve just 2.8% of its plantation target, according to the Economic Survey released by the Ministry of Finance on January 29, 2021. Read the full article here >>

I am waiting for the day when our FM would start rattling out data related to our green cover (no. of hectares of land converted to forest or greened) just as she did in the last Budget speech talking about the number of KMs of roads being built or the infrastructure being created at a scorching pace.

The silver lining … as per a report from UNDP, 64% of 1.2 million people around the world surveyed believe that climate change is a global emergency.


Credible work will always be outlier work till the metric of gratification changes for humans. It should give us hope, who want to work in the space, because there ain’t no set path, set objective, set resources. Should be liberating. Expecting some other FM to quote these numbers maybe demanding too much: can Rain Matter help create one such FM in 30 years is worth pondering upon :slight_smile:

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