Green businesses and entrepreneurship

The idea of green entrepreneurship needs to grow, and we’d be happy to incubate/fund or support in other ways ideas in these spaces. One of the criteria is that apart from being non-extractive and regenerative, the idea (not just the business itself) also rapidly scales, and creates livelihoods and entrepreneurship opportunity for many.

Here’s a few examples of green businesses we came across.


Hi Sameer, we are running a small initiative in Rural Maharashtra, working with families that have be trained to bake Healthy, Nutritious cookies in a Solar Oven. These cookies are then packed and sold in urban markets
We are not only helping create employment, but also use a fuel (Sun’s heat) that has no impacts on the planet.
Pls explore to know more
We’d like to explore an opportunity of support either as incubation/grant/funds.



Livelihoods in the green segments in India are so common sensical and business sensical, thag at times I wonder why we need to try so hard to look for people to associate with.

And then it strikes me from personal experience that the societal involvement is required at so many levels, that most almost always neglect this aspect enormously.

Super article Sameer. Thanks

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