Globalizations Impact over Trust across India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Hello Beautiful People,

I am pursuing my master’s thesis on this topic and have realized that the more world connects, the more it hampers the social cohesion of a society.

The reason why this topic is of utmost importance is because Trust, a proxy for social cohesion, is the core to implement change in the society.

Globalization hampers interpersonal and institutional trust indirectly and that is what I am working upon. The macro level data allows us to conclude that globalization has a negative effect over trust and also regression conducted on individual level survey, with their individual traits like education, gender, employment status and religion also show the effect over trust.

Well, this is not what I am concerned about, there has been multiple papers stating that for a country to implement policies to bring in change in the society, trust amongst its citizens and their belief on the institutions is what developing countries should be concerned about, or else government need to enforce it, which backfires after some time.

On this platform we have been discussing issues related to climate change and also have showcased solutions to counter the problem, if possible, we should also look at these topics to understand the reason behind the lags in innovating the existing framework to bring in a positive impact.