Getting help for the Startup to being successful

We are at Greatwork farmer producer company, leading group of farmers . In previous years we worked with different organisations for the farmers.
We are trying to help farmers for increasing their crop quality, quantity and enhancing them in every way. We established a farmer producer company named as Greatwork farmer producer company.
We are going to work on 250-300 Acres land in upcoming 2 years , for that we need fund and guidance from your team and you . From this project we are going to give jobs to more than 10000 uneducated peoples, backward class people, who are not able to survive their families, we are going to give job’s to them.
I hope you will go through this application and reply as soon as possible

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Please mail us the details, the progress made, the structure of the org. We are looking at how these ideas transition to the community and are easily replicable elsewhere for scaling the good ones. In fact if you share the details here as well, others could learn from the same and might be able to use them for solving problems around where they are.

Dear sir

a) progress made still
We have successfully worked with Nafed organisation and Big Basket

b) Location of the land for project
All land is located in different different areas. Its located in Pune district, Junnar taluka ( different villages). It’s divided into areas. We are preferring the Barren land and taking it to ahead and developing it into totally Horticulture.

c) Methods for improving crop quality, quantity
•Selection of seeds
•Crops selection according wheather.
•Mutation Breeding.
•Plant Early.
•Plant Effectively.
•Proper Water Drainage.
•Utilize Fertilizers.
•Testing soil

d) Following will becrop/cultivation on the 250-300 acre land.
•Crops are onions, tomatoes, beetroot , strawberries, garlic, greenpeace, Broccoli, carrots.
•Main crops for first inning- onions, potatoes,papaya.

e) Funding requirement and where the funds will be used.
*Funding Requirement
•Funding Requirements are in between 250 Million to 800 Million .
*Funds used for
•Making polyhouses.
•Making Barren land into horticulture.
•We are taking some land as on agreements in between land owners and our organization.
•There are barren land who’s owner are ready to give permanently to our •Organization on some money for making our successful startup.
•For starting process we are needing •Some differents machinaries, shelters •For the stocking of crops like onions
•Cold storages for storing beetroots, vegatables.