Funding Opportunities

Just received the following request for proposal from the Gates Foundation… it may be worth sharing / exploring:


This is a huge opportunity for social entrepreneurs and those looking to create tech and methods to make a difference to farming in India. Let’s throw up a few ideas.

If there are folks out there who want to pick up these ideas and need tech help, FOSS United/ERPNext and Rainmatter will be happy to help with those bits, and others if the pitch is accepted.

@erbdex @Vikas.hosoor can you kick this off and think of some ideas?

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Can we also request applicants through Rainmatter? @sameershisodia, @NithinKamath

Maybe a tweet through the Rainmatter Climate handle?

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That’s a great initiative.

I’ve co-applied for and won a Gates Foundation Grant before… (a tech-enabled project to track vaccines). I’m happy to assist/write a proposal if anybody has a smart-farming project/idea in mind.

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Nice sir. I have applied for initial scrutiny. When it passed to second round, definitely, i will contact you for your help. I have applied in the domain of “Intelligent disease detection for crops”

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Hi Mitesh,

We have the most efficient way of capturing carbon. We have ways to infuse the same back into soil and the results are just amazing.
Can you please help us to connect and get initial funds.

Thank you