Foundation Programme Course Workshop at IIT Gandhinagar

During the collaborative “Foundation Programme Course Workshop” held in mid-August this year, a dynamic partnership between IIT Gandhinagar and Fields of View sparked an engaging experiential learning journey. The workshop, firmly grounded in experiential pedagogy, deeply immersed participating students in the domains of public policy, civic engagement, and sensitization.

Under the guidance of Trina and Akhilesh, the workshop harnessed interactive tools such as City Game and Solemnly Resolve, creating a vibrant space for students to delve into the complexities of urban planning, preferences, and intricate group dynamics. A captivating highlight emerged as students collectively shaped “Love City,” challenging established societal norms related to unmarried couples.

Amidst this environment of boundless creativity, other imaginative cityscapes also came to life. A post-apocalyptic city, suspended in the air due to flooding, took form. A sanctuary for introverts featured an ingenious exit for those inclined towards extroversion. A sprawling canopy-like umbrella city incorporated centralized rainwater harvesting and a movable palace. In a guitar-shaped musical city, stress relief and enhanced mental well-being were envisioned through music, including a remote gateway free from modern distractions.

As they reflected on their experiences, students joyfully shared how platforms like the City Game provided fertile ground for nurturing their dreams, preferences, and aspirations, culminating in vibrant urban landscapes that emerged during this transformative workshop.