Forecast for plastic in the weather

Currently for Paris - more cities up next, I guess.

How the Plastic Forecast is calculated
Our atmosphere contains plastic particles that fall to the ground consistently – even more so when it rains.
The Plastic Forecast combines research on atmospheric plastic dynamics[4] with traditional weather forecasts to estimate the daily ‘plastic fall’ in an easy-to-understand weather report for Paris.
The figures in this report are predominantly based on fibre-shaped microparticles. Using the latest available technologies, new studies are finding more types, shapes, and smaller plastic particles. It is likely that the actual amount of plastic being deposited is much higher than the Plastic Forecast estimates.
In other words, the Plastic Forecast is even worse than it looks.
The study confirms plastic particles in our atmosphere are constantly being deposited on ground, even without rainfall. This is why, even at 0% chance of precipitation, there will always be ‘plastic rain’ to report.
Plastic is falling all the time, all over the world.

Is it time to cap the production of plastic - and stress recycling/upcycling?

@debadityo @warrior_vishal @MadhuraT @aishwarya.sudhir thoughts?


Long overdue, for that matter it is found everywhere, including our body.