Flights, meetings, convenings etc

This is something that’s been bothering me a lot.

What we need is a simplification, but even for climate efforts we often add to complexity - as an example the number of convenings and meetings that don’t result in any actionable outcomes (that one might say account for eventually lowered complexity and footprint) and that could easily be a call/online meeting is crazy high.

The worst is having to fly someplace for just one meeting.

I started a couple years ago with a decision to not fly at all, except in a crunch. Did a bunch of train trips. The “crunch” then happened more often than I’d have liked, so slipped on the commitment and started ensuring one had at least 4-5 meetings lined up on a trip, so it was somewhat justified (one can do that for train trips as well, of course!). It’s kinda like smoking - each subsequent stick becomes a little easier.

Can we actually change things if we don’t start taking this seriously, and reducing what we can to the extent possible? I do understand the value of f2f meetings, but these many? If we’re honest to ourselves (and our kids) so many of the events and meetings result in nearly nothing having moved!

I’m promising to keep optimizing this further. It’ll need to say no more often, to not assume a sense of importance for everything that goes on. Also, I daresay, to address FOMO :slight_smile: Yes there will be flights, i guess, and road trips and what not - but I promise to think and consider hard what comes off each, and if it’s optimal overall.

Perhaps one’s being too anxious and not doing the math smartly, but the scale of what’s happening now just doesn’t seem right.


Inspiring Sameer! I hope you end up writing this as an op-ed on Times of India one day :smiley:
You subtly pointed out the hypocrisy of our time.

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