Fields of View's Introduction

Fields of View Society is based in Bangalore and focuses on designing tools for policymakers and people to make policymaking more relevant, open, and reachable. It conducts research at the junction of technology, social sciences, and art in the areas of urban poverty, energy, transportation, disaster management, and water.

The organisation comprises three connected components. Firstly, the Policy Lab where new approaches and tools are designed using simulations and games. Secondly, the School of Policy that organises training programmes and seminars for Government bodies and civil society organisations across South Asia on these new tools and approaches. Finally, the organisation builds objects such as graphic novels, games, and videos to make policy more handy and functional.

Fields of View Society has been highlighted in the ‘Global Go To Think Tank Index Report’ by the University of Pennsylvania for eight successive years and placed as one of the top think tanks in China, India, Japan, and the Republic of Korea since 2017.