Fasal - Grow more, grow better

Problem Statement - Core problems in Agriculture: guesswork in decision making, poor utilisation of resources and improper irrigation & management of diseases/pests.

Solution - Fasal system helps in precisely managing irrigation based on specific crops at a specific stage, protecting from root diseases and hence improving the quality of yield. Horticulture farmers can avail the benefits of precise disease and pest management to protect their crop and reduce harmful chemical usage.

How - Fasal captures real-time data on conditions from on-farm sensors to deliver farm-specific, crop-specific and crop-stage specific actionable recommendations to farmers via mobile phones in vernacular languages through Fasal App (iOS, Android, Tablet, and web). Fasal IoT device is equipped with 12+ sensors to monitor macro-climatic factors, micro-climatic factors and below the soil parameters.

Monetization -

  • Fasal IoT device (Hardware revenue)
  • Fasal precision farming advisory services (Software revenue)

Value Proposition -

  • Remove guess work from farming
  • Shift farming to auto pilot mode
  • Get real-time alerts about crop, soil and weather conditions to make adjustments to reach optimal growth conditions.
  • Manage precise irrigation for better crop yield and quality.
  • Save crops from deadly pests and diseases by early prediction.
  • Save input cost and enhance crop quality to get better market price.
  • Track finances & input usage.
  • Manage production & field activities.

Website -

Fasal - Grow More, Grow Better™

Youtube -

Fasal - YouTube

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@Pai This will be helpful for large farmers (Jamidaaras) and corporates but what about other segments of farmers?

There are a few problems:

  • Hardware products are expensive, everyone can’t afford it
  • It looks in English only. Most farmers do not understand English.
  • Looks like these guys focus on a few crops (not even mainstream crops)
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Thank you so much for listing out some of the areas we can identify solutions for. :slight_smile:

Even though Fasal is a solution for larger plots of land, the water conserved will all add up and have an impact. And if we can mainstream these practices of saving water and spread the word about efficiency in irrigation practices, all the efforts will eventually add up.

And for the specific problems you listed - we are constantly on the lookout for solutions that can help the small and marginal farmers. We will and keep you posted on our findings.

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That would be great @Pai! I am also starting my side hustle as a small farmer and will be excited to try and share my feedback on these types of innovations.

Hope to contribute more when I am in the field!

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