Fabric Waste Management - Recycle and Reuse

Dear all,
I am a newbie to this place and this is my first topic.
We all are talking about plastic waste and how to ensure a plastic free planet. Lot of people are working for this and I am one among all of you and doing my little bit for the earth.
But have you ever wondered what happens to the fabric waste that goes to the landfill?
We all like to wear fashionable clothes and now cotton is getting expensive so people have switched to other materials like crepe, chiffon, satin, georgette etc. The waste coming out of the tailor shops, boutiques are huge.
So trying to work for this cause and need your help. I am looking for a fabric shredding machine that can cater to my needs. I tried to look for options like importing from China but its expensive and out of my budget and also there are technical constraints involved in it.
So why not make it in India? So I have a specification that can shred 10 to 15 kilograms per day to start with.
With these shredded fabrics I am planning to make sustainable home decors, educational toys and lot of things where I can engage women and in turn they can get some income out of it.
Need your help and support and if anyone comes forward to work for this cause I would be happy to welcome them to my team.


Hi Pranati,

We had spoken to a team called relove that was helping with reusing clothes. Let me ask them and get back to you.


Thanks a lot for your reply. I hope I get some help from the team to make this project move further.

Hello Pranati!
Good to see someone passionate about textiles. I work in the textile industry of Surat. We have thousands of tons of fabrics (defects, deadstock) going to landfills weekly. That’s on the industrial scale.

Now, every city has fabric waste from tailors, stitching units, and so on. I did the analysis for stores in Bangalore, and most of them burn the remainder of the chindi. You would surely be solving a lot of problems reusing fabric waste.

In regards to the shredding machines, let me ask around if I can find someone in my network who can guide you.

Good luck!

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